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 Wanna join DOA?? read this first please

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PostSubject: Wanna join DOA?? read this first please   2010-01-14, 17:12

Recruiting for DOA is permantly closed sorry.

From this point on please do not apply for recruitment, it will be ignored!!

Recruitment is by invite only.

You need to be a regular on our server for some time, and you need to follow ALL the rules of our server.

You need to have DOA as your preferred, most often played server.

You need to be a popular player with our regulars (not just the clan members but all our regulars)

You will need to be a "mad rush player" in the DOA style.

You will need to be involved on our forums and therefore more "part of the community"

You can chat a clan member or regular in "friends" that you are interested in joining, and they may post an enquiry for you and the group will discuss it.

Using your mic is a faster way of being accepted as its more obvious whether your a cool person and player or not.

Gungame skills mean nothing, it's all about whether you are cool, whether you follow our rules, and whether you are popular in our community.

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Wanna join DOA?? read this first please
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