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 wreckage wants in

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PostSubject: wreckage wants in   2010-02-11, 12:33

Hey guys i have been playing on your servers for close to a year or so now, I like to play the gungame servers as they are wickid fun and funny as hell with all the other doa
regulars playing. I feel as if i would be good for this team and hope i can join in the fun some more Smile
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Thy Devourer

Thy Devourer

PostSubject: Re: wreckage wants in   2010-02-11, 13:13

Hey wreckage, as you may or may not have noticed this is locked section of the forums. its more for holding information on recuitments for people to read and take in rather than leaving posts as you did.

(woffle i know you'll read this, i only unlocked it to tell him this.)

Anyways, sit tight man, because recruitments by trail or any other method are closed. only well liked regs get in atm Wink. enjoy the servers, make sure you chat it up on the server and forums. your a good bloke, seen ya round a bit. catch on the server.

This god that i worship, a faded reflection.
This demon i blame, a flickering flame.
Consipre as one, its exactly the same.

- Lamb Of God.
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wreckage wants in
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