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 Roy - Request for joining DOA

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PostSubject: Roy - Request for joining DOA   2010-03-14, 18:20

Dear, Administration board of Dead On Arrival.

I Roy hereby apply for membership of Dead On Arrival.
I hereby undertake, if admitted to membership, to be bound by the Rules and Code of Conduct.

On 15th of March 2010 on your “|DOA| Oz GunGame! Public [NO CAMP]” ( server. Deano told me; that I was allowed to request for membership on the forums.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a meeting to further discuss this, please feel free to contact me at steam.roy@gmail.com.



lol! So Formal
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Thy Devourer

Thy Devourer

PostSubject: Re: Roy - Request for joining DOA   2010-03-14, 18:29

No worries Roy.

At the moment Roy we are not recruiting. This being because we having nearing 80 members.

The only way into DOA, is to be a forums/server/community reg and you have to be well liked by all members of the clan, especially ldr's and directors. We recruit via personalilty rather than trials or skills.

In saying that, its not a shut door. You can get into DOA its just you have to a be a PART of DOA to join. By doing this it ensures the people let into DOA are truely for DOA and getting into DOA is not some trend or something...

Good luck man, hope to see you on the forums and server.

This post is now locked as the clan recruitment section is usually for information only.

Get noticed man!

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Roy - Request for joining DOA
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