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Dark Angel


PostSubject: Gone!   2010-05-29, 17:07

I know I havnt been on lately. 3 reasons really, Uni, PS3, and with the hacking etc came some bad memories that have kind of put me off CS
I have exams coming up, so I may be on more to procrastinate
Hoping to start playing more after them, but I dont know. Just dont feel like playing atm
So yeah, be back soon I hope
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PostSubject: Re: Gone!   2010-05-29, 18:02

i never hardly see ya on dark,and the hackers are little pooofs,knee bend them.lols.yer but get back in there soi can rape ya,lol
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Thy Devourer


PostSubject: Re: Gone!   2010-05-29, 19:12

1.Uni, shit excuse 2. PS3, we0w how gay. and 3. awwwwww but get the fuck on server noob.


This god that i worship, a faded reflection.
This demon i blame, a flickering flame.
Consipre as one, its exactly the same.

- Lamb Of God.
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PostSubject: Re: Gone!   

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