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PostSubject: Re: UNBAN REQUESTS   2009-12-27, 20:53

cheers man i havnt been on the server with him again so its been mad fun playing.. Smile thanx again for the reply... Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: UNBAN REQUESTS   2010-01-01, 09:16

NAME----------------- Rayman

DATE----------------- 01/01/2010
BAN------------------- 30/12/2009

ADMIN --------------- dunno
(if known)

FOR BAN------------- dunno
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PostSubject: Re: UNBAN REQUESTS   2010-01-01, 09:44

Rayman, you keep gettin told by the regs and admins to shush, to quieten, that you talk too much, others get pissed and say stfu etc etc etc. Your only response is to just laugh and keep goin and goin. You have known noodles and rumpig for awhile from Duckz I guess, I've seen noodles telling you to shush over and over. (cos she knows the rules)

When our regs tell ppl what to do its cos they are regs and know the rules and ppl need to listen to them.

People who spam chat all the time are doing it for their own pleasure, and really are not caring less about the other 23 players. We nearly all chat or type stuff for our pleasure and others pleasure, but constant spamming is being inconsiderate, and inconsiderate to the max considering the constant warnings.

Nobody wants your constant commentary man. You seem pretty cool apart from that glitch. That glitch will keep you out of the locked server and will get you a permo from the public one.

Your ban was only 24 hrs, its now up to you whether you get permoed or not.
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PostSubject: Re: UNBAN REQUESTS   

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