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PostSubject: Re: LAN REPORT   2009-01-22, 03:05

rohpynol wtf? is thats like that CD cleaner shit rapists use? Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: LAN REPORT   2009-01-22, 06:50

Chapter 3....

Okay so i left off where we were leaving for the gorge yesterday. Tide was low so we were just jumping off daddys, but cos the tide was down, it added a couple of metres height. Were just having a nice romantic swim and then Reyne, Medic and I decided it would be awesome to climb upstream.... through the rapids. Some were so fucking tough with all the mini waterfalls and slimy rocks.

Got back and walked into town and got some authentic tasmanian cuisine. DIRTYBIRD! (charcoal chicken).
Fullon massive awesome burgers with awesome gravy on the chips. Picked up some piss. lol medic drinks goon. Headed back to Geoffs. Hit up the lanning and the piss for a bit, mostly Left 4 Dead. Me and Mutant pwn at that.

Edgers rocks up so Reyne, Edgers, 7th and I hit the local hick bar called Saloon. Country music and Yodelling when we got in. Nahhh the band was shit and not many ppl so after we all had a jager bomb each we left to hit the town for some fullon Parkor. Climbing up lamp posts, on roofs, cherry pickers and statues, the photos will be up shortly. Some random stabbed me in the hand..... nah it was some fkn evil gutter. Meh. So we headed back after probs a 2 hours.

Got back at 2am and were hitting up lanning till 4.30 this morning. All hit the sack at pretty much the same time and this morning we've been playing left 4 dead. Last night Reyne disappeared at about 2.30am and we all asumed hed gone to bed. At 4am someone goes wheres Reyne, and medic reckons he last saw him go outside on the deck. Medic wanders out there and theres Reyne passed out on the decking. It was windy as it is today and it was pretty mild last night but unfortunately he didnt catch pneumonia (lol spelling). Hes really setting a good example for all the NaDs.

Gunna cruise down shortly for some DirtyBird.

Hang out for chapter 4 eh.
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PostSubject: Re: LAN REPORT   2009-01-22, 10:50

MedicDroid wrote:
DaveGod wrote:
What an excuse for suking. Losing so bad u have to fake a fit.

Dg you actually have no soul .... nice to know your concerned for fodders health ...

My gaydar just exploded!
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PostSubject: Re: LAN REPORT   2009-01-22, 11:23

Down with the nads Smile good one reyne heheh

davegod, that was actually the last ounce of human compassion in your body giving up the ghost from all the fucktard thats built up over the years.

Good to hear your okay fodder.