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PostSubject: randoms   randoms Empty2009-02-12, 14:38

Heads up everyone. I'm getting pretty sick of negative comments towards randoms, (new guys). Randoms come on and ruin our ranks, yep, randoms come on and camp and do the wrong thing, yep, randoms come on the forums and might talk crap, yep.

Then the randoms learn how we roll, and become regs, and everyone forgets they were a random. I was a random on ausplayer, DOA has heaps of cool regs who were a random when they first came on. We were all a newbie or a random at some stage.

Randoms are what makes the server a success, if it wasnt for randoms we would be no-where, how else can we get nearly 600 players in the week since we reset the ranks?????

With new IPs, or new servers, or with all the new dudes with their new cs game for xmas, you can see a bunch of new dudes come on, like the way we play and roll, and next thing you know they're on our server all the time cos its become their fave server.

And some of you guys should stop bein RANK WHORES too, disconnecting cos theres too many randoms and your rank might go down! Poor babies, let em kill you more, then their rank goes up, and then they're worth killin, lol.

Randoms are fkn awesome and its time everyone recognised that and stopped baggin em, and welcomed them instead. From now on it's a new offence cos it aint cool. HAI! Cool
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