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 Toki and Davegod

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PostSubject: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-12, 15:36

I been off the forums and server a bit lately and come back to this storm about these two dudes. I've been told it's up to the leaders and captains to make a decision on what should be done as punishment. So as a leader I thought I'd let my view be known. If its not done by the end of the week then geoff is gonna ban them from the forum, kick em from the clan and perm ban them from the server.

My view is they should be in the shit for spamming, be in the shit for ragging randoms, be in the shit for letting personal dislike for Mclaggin be public. They need this shit pointed out, and should be banned from the forums for a week or so. Thats it, if they continue after unbanning, then the ban should be extended. If they continue after that then a very long ban is in order.

I've been told they contribute absolutely nothing to the forums apart from shit, and they contribute nothing to the server.

Personally I disagree totally. It should be obvious by now that I favour the "old" players from ausplayer, and that means something to me. Also altho they spam way too much, they create a ton of humour on the forums which is a big part of why they are cool forums to check out. Which other clan forums are as entertaining as ours???? They also contribute plenty of valid points amongst their dribble.

Davegod and his sprays are an institution on the server and certainly generate plenty of talk and laughter. (and revulsion lol)

If you read his ingame type, toki constantly cracks me up with his humour.

Davegod was one of the biggest figures on our cs server and had admin on it.

As Toki said to someone on some post, check how many ppl say "hey Toki" when he connects.

Dam right they spam and the I hate mclaggin and randoms thing is not cool, but.................................??
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PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-12, 19:36

Just a few comments. (BTW thanks for the unban as temporary as iam sure it is).

In terms of spamming yes me and toki have the highest post counts, yes most of our posts are rubbish. But it is also true that 99% of said posts are in the "Off topic Rants and ramblings" section where "All off topic nonsense goes here, kthxbi.". So if i was to be a smartarse and breakdown that sentence then you would read it to be encouraging off topic behaviour to occur in that section of the forum. The non smartarse answer would be that most of the threads in there were doomed for crickets and tumbleweeds and we were trying to give some entertainment and possible humour to them. But yes we did spam some "legit off topic posts" and yes we proberbly should be punished for that.

fodder wrote:
I've been told they contribute absolutely nothing to the forums apart from shit, and they contribute nothing to the server.

As above most in the off topic section where things arnt as important/serious and we purposely try not to spam shit in the other forums. But anything we do post in the other sections may seem like spam but actually have meaning to them or are 50/50. So we DO contribute something.

And your point about other clan forums. I have been to a few and they have like 4 topics and no1s ever active. We create talking points and reasons for people to check the threads (as 'worthless' as some might/most be). Quadeye for example although havent checked it out in awhile had heaps of members and is a huge community no1 was posting on the forum other then admins, you cant say we dont create interaction for you guys.

Viprus asked in the other thread why we are never on the server and other ppl are proberbly asking the same. Its not that we arnt on the server but we arnt on cs! We arnt on cs because "Me and Toki both like DOA and cant play as much on the server because we are busy with our jobs and making new taxes and having weird sex with strange animals". If you must know iam looking for a new job that allows me to have a life outside of work so you can expect me to be playing cs in the future.

In terms of the McLaggin thing. Me and Toki both like McLaggin lol and he knows it. Toki just mentioned that mclaggin was shit as part of his ussual banter and we rolled with it. Thats it lol, theres no eternal hatred to him. As i said in many threads and personnally asked him, if he wanted that group down all he had to do was say the word. He sees the funny side with it, its just some people must of had there funny bone in the repair shop and took it too literally. I think the main argument against this group wasnt that it could hurt mclaggins feelings but that DOA would suffer because ppl see that we exclude ppl. But mclaggin also has the reputation of being a bit of muffin (not a bad thing) and those ppl who see the group know that its just a joke at mclaggins expense (although in reality it cost him nothing cos hes a good sport) and would see doa as having humour and mucks about with there memebers. Always gotta look at the positives.

Me and Toki both love DOA so being permo banned will make us sad and cry. We dont wanna go but if thats the decision we obviously have no choice. But i may as well make this a goodbye post to just incase. Well here goes. Just like to say bye to all the cool people from all the times whether from WAY back on the NAD server, i have heaps of cool memories from there. To all the cool and some of you not so cool people here in DOA. I generally hate clans and you guys seemed to be pretty sorted and going forward so when i was asked t join i had no issue. Iam not going to make a list of individual people to say goodbye to like toki did but pretty much if you liked me i proberbly like you, but not always (mclaggin lol). So everybody if i get banned i hope u all move on without too much heartache or dehydration from all the tears you shed for me and i hope you find another "DaveGod" down the track in life. Sure it will be hard to move on and he wont be as cool or spam as much but if he makes you eroused in the pants then go for it!

Well that appears to be one epic post. What ya reckon fodder? Prolly longer then most of your posts. And iam not going to proof read it as ive just had a 15hour work day and i still havent really finished so if anything doesnt make sense or i left out words just think of it like a connect the dots but with words. Anyways sienara - spelling can goto ehell! It means goodbye!

EDIT: Forgot to make special mention to Fodder and Geoff (even though hes not too happy with me right now Sad ) to thank them for dispelling my belief that all old people were uncool. You two are certainly the exceptions to the rule. You guys made an awesome server and enviroment and fodder you can actually be pretty funny yourself when your not all worked up about how late prime possum goes to bed. Also to the leaders ie mutant and 7th good stuff for the shiz. Peace.
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PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-13, 04:33

i for oneithink banning toki and dave from the server is harsh, IMO fair enough take off there admin and kick them from DOA but to be banned from the DOA server? Sad
iv known dave for ages, we used to be in LoD and sHt. good times ay dave?
and toki, its good to no someone that has a good taste in music true? all these kids listening to shitty bands like my chemical romance, friggen emos. long live metallica Smile

saying this as a goodbye from the DOA server until or IF geoff or fod sort this out

and davegod i cant belive im saying this..but.....ill miss your sprays mate
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PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-13, 09:15

I for one am not happy with this outcome, and would rather they didn't get banned from the server but I do think they should be a least punished on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-13, 12:13

thanks for all the kind words guys. one thing though Dave spoke for me when he shouldn't have because of all the crap that's been going on i do want to leave DOA although its gonna be sad im not in a clan with some awesome people, the bad people unfortunately outweigh that so i have left DOA and will not be rejoining.

And i really dont agree with teknoss sif take my admin away. D,= i never even got to abuse it

also that prime possum comment hilarious.
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PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-13, 15:50

ill miss dgs drunken saturday night forum rampages Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-13, 15:56

I kinda agree with Fodder. I think there is too much spam at times (as in the "first three posts get to be on topic, and the rest is shit" kinda mentality), but that isn't just Toki and Davegod either. It can (not always) make topics more amusing, or bring up older topics that may have died and people bring back discussion (Jesus we have a quick arse cleaning to the dustbin facility round here, lol - I have posts in my forum that are four years old!)

The Steam group was too far IMO, and the forum raggin on mclaggin (!) probly went too far - I mean like every second post. aside from the nut tearing frequency of it, its kinda an australian pastime - raggin out yer mates. When others say its not on though (like ldrs etc) members need to listen. RESPECT YOUR COMMANDING OFFICERS, GRUNTS!, lol.

Ragging out new forum members and server randoms is too far. You need to let em read the forums for them to get a taste of what were like as a dynamic before isolating them with insults. The electron saga is an example fairly recently. If he hadn't had a handy Reason Hammer closeby, he probly would have fucked of thinking were all a bunch of dicks - and not all of us are Wink

When I first found the server, the reason I adopted it as home was because of the wicked conversation, atmosphere and chat going on around the whole group - not just DOA members. The first time I came on, someone stopped their game and helped me in with my rates and shit. It was welcoming. I could almost listen to the server chat as a radio show, lol.

I wouldn't like to see Toki and Davegod go (even if it is too late for Toki Sad ). They are well liked by nearly everyone, and have a good sense of humour, that unfortunately they get carried away with at times. I think this issue has been an eye opener for them, as unforunate as everything is.

It would be great if this was looked at in the future as just the McLaggin incident or whatever, but as long as people take notice of where the boundaries of acceptable behaviour and respect lie, this could work out to have a slightly productive outcome.

(Gods, I sound like a hippy - better go hug a tree and get it outta my system....)
Theres my opinion, cause it was (generally) asked for.

oh, and if anyone can out do the amount of parentheses I used, you get a mint flavoured e-cookie, lol.

Also, if that post were any longer davegod, my eyes would have bled Very Happy

"There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who don't."

"Humanity is quite amusing, when kept at a proper distance."- H. P. Lovecraft
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Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins

PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   2009-02-17, 06:36

cya toki gonna miss ya. dont ban them from the server fod and geoff when im on the forums and i read the posts toki "spams the forums with" all way give me a laugh. hope you dont ban them if mclaggin sees this steam group as a laugh then fair enough but if ur gonna join the group then remove the doa tag so u dont give the doa clan a bad name.
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PostSubject: Re: Toki and Davegod   

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Toki and Davegod
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