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 Posting Demos

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bundy bear


PostSubject: Posting Demos   2009-02-18, 15:36

Me and Reaper got a demo of some random wall hacker Mad and were wondering where we should post this demo so admins can ban him without suspicion. I was wondering if there is a specific place or if reaper should just post it as a thread
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PostSubject: Re: Posting Demos   2009-02-18, 15:46

More wondering where to host it as I don't think we can host it on the forums can we?
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Tha Snowmann
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PostSubject: Re: Posting Demos   2009-02-18, 16:40

all you need to do is upload the .dem files onto the forums server. however this requires a password and login which im sure mutant does not wish to give out freely. im pretty sure there would be some form of application that would allow users to upload a file into a specific folder or something. would make things easier


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PostSubject: Re: Posting Demos   2009-02-18, 17:02

mega upload probably offers free hosting of files like that, you would just have to make an account...

edit - decided to actually check it out.
they offer 200GB of free space to upload and download.


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PostSubject: Re: Posting Demos   

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Posting Demos
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