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 Snowmanns Lan Pics...DOA LAN 09! Take 2! :D

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Tha Snowmann
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Tha Snowmann

PostSubject: Snowmanns Lan Pics...DOA LAN 09! Take 2! :D   2009-06-23, 06:05

OK so ill put a few in the post here and also a link to download all the pics (from my camera) within a .zip file. They are in there original file size so the .zip file will be pretty large, around 190mb but meh, if you want em all just download them.
I'll also link in some of the movies that 7th has put on his youtube account and ill embed them in here as well Smile
Hopefully these ones are all sweet and dont get messed up this time.

Tassie Lan Party 2009 Pics

If anyone wants n e of these pics taken down for whatever reason let me know and i will take them down. These are pretty much the same pics that were uploaded the first time anyway.

Viprus, Edgers and Medic

Reyne, 7th, Medic, Snowmann, Edgers, Viprus and Zebra

Edgers and medic, dont even wanna know why your hand is there

Viprus with his gameface on

DOA HQ with medic, Zebra and Fodder

After my first night there

7th, Viprus, Medic and Mutant

Representing on Kings bridge

7th and Viprus hanging from Kings bridge

Viprus, Edgers and medic

Medics epic munt!

Fair effort after a couple of nights Very Happy

I think medic had a bit too much Razz

Here are some of the Vids Smile