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Ðead Øn Årrival - Home Empty2010-06-16, 03:17 by Woffle'

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Regarding Steam accounts getting hacked - IMPORTANT
Ðead Øn Årrival - Home Empty2010-04-09, 13:07 by Tha Snowmann
Hey guys i came across this and i know a few of you have had your steam accounts hacked or whatnot so thought this might be useful for you to read and a bit of a warning for everyone too.

Got this from another forum i regularly read (OCAU)

Normally a steam account is hacked due to phishing sites or giving out personal information and clicking on those stupid links from already hacked accounts however it seems that Steam users with old accounts, even if you regularly log on to steam and have the most up-to-date version, may be more vulnerable to having their accounts stolen.

You can read here about what happened with a bit of a background story.
Steam has responded to the situation which you can read here
I suggest you read it so that you can actually understand the situation, no one wants their steam account hacked

There not long posts but if you cant be asses reading it then pretty much to check if your 'vulnerable' or affected do the following:
  1. Run Steam.
  2. Goto "File" -> "Settings"
  3. Look at "Contact Email:"
  4. If your email address is followed by (unverified) you are affected.

So if your email address is vulnerable (unverified) then all you need to do is verify your email address with steam.

Just like to acknowledge the Overclockers Australia Forum for the info.


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Forum User Activation
Ðead Øn Årrival - Home Empty2010-01-10, 17:31 by WAKE UP Geoff!!
Hey Guys,

When people register on the forum for the first time they will be sent an email to the email account they have nominated. They MUST click on the activation link and follow the activation procedure for their forum account to be ACTIVATED!

We need to have it this way so our forums are not taken over by web bots. Anyone who has registered but cant gain access to the forums, ...."GO CHECK YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT PLEASE"

cheers Sleep

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