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PostSubject: Douchebag #14   Douchebag #14 Empty2009-02-11, 11:37

An intoxicated driver has been arrested for putting his dead passenger in the driver seat after driving too fast and killing him in an accident, daily Hamburger Abendblatt reported on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old passenger was killed instantly when the car hit a large truck at high speed on the A44 motorway on Monday evening near Aachen, according to the paper. The driver, also 35-years-old, wasn't seriously injured.

A gruesome situation turned macabre, however, when the man got out of the vehicle and pulled the dead passenger to the other side, laying him next to the driver’s side on the highway to make it appear as though he had been driving, police told the paper.

“As officers arrived, he said his friend had been at the wheel,” a police spokesperson said.

His claims were suspicious because the driver’s side of the car was undamaged, while the passenger side was destroyed, police said. Their doubt was confirmed by the driver of the truck with which the man had collided. He had witnessed the whole scene and the lie was quickly found out.

An alcohol test revealed the driver had a blood alcohol content of 0.18 percent. He was arrested and faces charges of negligent homicide, the paper said.

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Douchebag #14
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