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 | | Counter Strike: Source Gun Game Mapping Competition - READ FIRST

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PostSubject: | | Counter Strike: Source Gun Game Mapping Competition - READ FIRST   2009-12-16, 16:56

Welcome to the | | Mapping Competition

Please make sure you read this whole thread. Make sure you are aware of all the rules.

Dates and Times

  • Mapping Competition OPEN = 1st January
  • Submissions of maps to be places in this thread Please follow template on this thread.
  • Submissions CLOSE = 22nd January
  • Maps go live on server = 25th January
  • Maps get Tested + Judged for final decision of winner = 19-21th February

Rules Of Competition

  • All map need to meet standards.
    • Maps need to be bright
    • Must not be able to spawn kill
    • Must be minimal/No camping spots
    • Must not have multi levels that are not necessary or makes it like 2 maps in one. If you do they need to be open and simple like the rooftops on funtimes.
    • Spawn exits need to be at least 3-4 people wide, easy to exit spawn to getting blocked by a million people.
    • Maps that have been plagiarised in any way (submitting, modifying or remaking other people maps) will be disqualified and shamed for all eternity.
    • Go Fast and Fun Small and simple. NO HUGE MAPS

  • Maps need to be no larger then 5 Megabytes.
  • Maps need to be posted on this thread to be entered into competition If they are not on this thread by the 22nd of January at 5pm forum time, they will not be considered for the competition.
  • By entering any map into the mapping competition you give full rights to the ead n rrival Clan to use and modify your map if required for use on its server/s.
  • Only maps that have been made by you and that have not been entered into any previous mapping competition may be entered.

Judging Criteria

  • All maps will be marked on the follow criteria:
    • Style out of 5
    • Originality out of 5
    • Game play out of 5
    • Total points out of 15

  • If 2 or more maps are tied for the lead, the winners will be decided by a sack race to the DEATH! To be overseen by Crimson.

Tips and Hints

  • We strongly suggest that you tag the map somewhere by whom made it.
  • Maps should include the name/logo or something somewhere on the map


  • $50 Steam Voucher #
  • In-game message on all open public servers saying Congratulations to For winning the first quarterly Mapping competition


# Please feel free to donate to towards this. To do so just donate to the normal DOA account, and make the narration of the transfer "Mapping Comp". Thanks!
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| | Counter Strike: Source Gun Game Mapping Competition - READ FIRST
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