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PostSubject: Re: Clanned   Clanned - Page 3 Empty2010-04-25, 18:29

Just have to say...
I know disco's sentiments have been echo'd elsewhere by others, but let's not use our forum to rag on other people clans when they are making a move to enforce change in the GG community, even if it is only random comments here or there.

People may be right to bring it to the attention of those admins and leaders of other clans, that players in those servers are not playing by the rules, or even that it would seem that the said leaders and admins are not taking steps to combat that problem.

What i am saying is that , if people have an issue with another clan or server, they should politely take steps to bring it to the attention of people who can change that, preferable in that clans own forum, or by private message or steam chat to the people who CAN enforce those rules.

If clans and servers want to take our attitude on camping and the like, it is all for the betterment of the GG community. Even deciding to take those kinds of steps is a change from the norm, and to be applauded. Let's not forget that enforcing those changes is hard, and that is why DOA has about 50 admins! Admins who WILL enforce the rules.

Other clans may have troubles enforcing those rules, and may have admins who are more lenient. That is not our issue, as it is not our server who will suffer or flourish in regards to the authority that is brought to bear. What is to be honoured is the fact that they see how the DOA community has prospered and grown, and how tight the friendships can be - even within other clans - BECAUSE of the way that the DOA community operates.

we wish these clans well, and still hold them as being a part of our wider community, so if there are issues with them, we should take it up politely, and if possibly, privately bring it to the attention of those that can change things for them.

Lets support our fellow clans with a friendly rivalry, even as we have such rivalry amongst ourselves. Because we know how bonding it can be!

"There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who don't."

"Humanity is quite amusing, when kept at a proper distance."- H. P. Lovecraft
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PostSubject: Re: Clanned   Clanned - Page 3 Empty2010-04-25, 19:48

because i can and i just have, this is now locked.


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Jeez you crap on 47
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