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 Matty's Application

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PostSubject: Matty's Application   2009-09-17, 17:11

Hey it's me LittleMatthew here, as some of you know I have changed my name to "Matty" just to let you guys know,
Well i was wondering if i could join DOA, Lots of you know me on your server and I am a reg, lots of you have seen me play and I would like to see if i am able to get in, as you know i am young, which is a down for me to get into clans (obviously) and I hope this won't affect me to join.

Matthew Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Matty's Application   2009-09-17, 17:35

I'm sorry Matty but as I have said in my recruitments post. "We are no longer accepting applications".

I hope this does not discourage you from playing our server or being friendly with other clan members.

I'm sure in time if we find that you are an awesome bloke and worth a membership into the DoA family we will offer you a position.

Until then play DoA, be cool and we will see you in game. Wink

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Matty's Application
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