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PostSubject: forum behaviour   forum behaviour Empty2009-10-23, 10:02

Well, the last couple days had some nasty sht on the forums that I hope the likes of which wont be seen again.

We have a ton of visitors to the forums, and for them to see all that crap would put them off coming back, and rightly so. It's not a good feel for the regs either. Surely we can have a go at someone, or disagree, or even think an idea is overboard without resorting to abuse. NOT COOL!!

The reactions and comments were over the top. We can get the same points across and put forward alternative views without gobbing off. Disagreeing and having different points of view is a healthy thing, debate is a healthy thing.

It's how you go about it, same as dealing with shit on the server eh. If u mouth off and swear at someone they will most of the time react and go off with abuse themselves. Point out something in a better tone and you got a good chance of them reacting with "sorry man, wont do it again" or similar.

Basic people skills. We all want something, we all want things to go our way, we want our point of view listened to. Do it in a better way, and you got a strong chance of getting what you want.

Give someone a mouthful of abuse? THEY ARE NOT GONNA TAKE IN THE POINT YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE! They will just retaliate. It simply doesn't work that way.

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PostSubject: Re: forum behaviour   forum behaviour Empty2009-10-24, 01:59

I've had it, any arguing or abuse will result in a instant 3 day ban, no matter who you are.

If I think it's abuse or arguing then you're banned, attempting to convince me otherwise will add another 3 days to your ban.

So just don't.
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forum behaviour
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